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Together we can create a healthy and thriving democracy.



Dancing Hearts Consulting (DHC) is a progressive political consulting firm that curates innovative ideas, programs, and campaigns to challenge the status quo and test emerging strategies that change the political game to win long-term change for the people. DHC was launched in June of 2017 by civic engagement innovator, philanthropic trouble-maker, and political operative, Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett. Our strategies amplify the impact of the political response of front-line activists in the Trump Era - and the funders who support them.   In order to transform the lives of everyday people, DHC crafts values-driven campaigns that build political power for those most impacted by systemic oppression: Black people, women of color, immigrants, formerly incarcerated people, and LGBTQIA folks. We partner with social justice and philanthropic leaders to create a more reflective, responsive, and accountable American democracy.



Progressive donors and foundation leaders who invest in the future require visionary strategies to build capacity and power; investments must shape the tactics of tomorrow, today. Our process guides partners to become breakthrough architects in the field who conceptualize the big picture: deeper democracy and transformative outcomes. We guide our partners through a sharp, comprehensive political analysis about how power is built, leveraged, and sustained over time to ensure that projects think forward and achieve real victories.


We partner with leaders to co-create cutting-edge organizations, strategies, and campaigns that build the political power we need to advance our issues at the ballot box, the Statehouse, and in Washington D.C. From inside-outside strategies that move elected officials to do what’s right, to connecting neighbors to your movement’s mission door-to-door, we co-conspire with our partners to build critical, power-building intersections by cultivating neighborhoods, identifying new leaders, crafting partnerships, developing policy, and running voter campaigns that capture the political moment.



Meetings should produce meaningful interactions and advance organizational outcomes. With our partners, we develop goal-oriented sessions that tap into the genius in the room and the collective wisdom of the team. From wowing your Board and galvanizing support for new ideas, to 60-person gatherings that build broad-based consensus, we support you so that your meetings make magic.



We support partners to bolster their organizing skills and build the power required to transform systems of oppression. Our capacity building sessions arm participants with trusted and emerging organizing techniques as a foundation for strategic, power-building campaigns. We have curated an original catalog of trainings that can be tailored to match our partner’s organizational culture, style, and theory of change. Current popular trainings include: Organizing 101, Creating Social Change, Moving People to Action, Elections for the Win!, and more. 


We design comprehensive voter engagement strategies for candidates who share our values and issue campaigns that build community, nurture new leaders, and have lasting value beyond Election Day. We ensure campaigns lead with integrity by making promises they can keep. Utilizing advanced data techniques to nurture and engage, we ensure that campaigns connect with voters at the heart as we follow the North Star and chart a path to victory.

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