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May 26, 2020

Se-ah-dom Edmo, Tribal Community Coordinator, We Count Oregon on hard-to-count communities.


What is We Count Oregon? The #WeCountOregon campaign is a community-led effort to ensure that hard to count communities, including people of color, immigrants, renters, rural communities, and parents of children under 5 – understand and take the 2020 Census. Video brought to you by the Reed College Library and SEEDS.


Length: 10:14


May 20, 2020

Carmen Berkeley of Dancing Hearts Consulting speaks with The Campaign Workshop Podcast HOW TO WIN A CAMPAIGN with President Joe Fuld about some of her experiences canvassing and tells a story that proves just how important canvassing is to winning your election. Canvassing your district door to door is one of the best ways to make contact with voters in your district. Nothing beats in-person contact and conversations with voters about the issues they care about. In this episode, Joe and Martín discuss the importance of canvassing and how to do it effectively. Click to listen.


Length: 31:10  


April 27, 2020

Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett describes her earliest experiences as an organizer and activist, and she discusses some of the lessons she's learned along the way about establishing a sustainable life in movement work. Click the photo to listen. 

This episode also features a son recorded in 2010 by Man Band, with Chuck Masi singing and untitled composition of his own. 

Length: 28:19


May 21, 2020

Alcance Sin Límites

¿Por qué es importante llenar el Censo 2020?

En este episodio de Alcance sin Límites, Perla Álvarez, Directora de Campo en la campaña ContemosOregon nos comparte por qué es tan importante el Censo 2020. 

Length: 24:10


May 18, 2020

Please look through this Healing Justice Self-Care Assessment to build dialogues to help cultivate knowledge and to build reflection and exchange of our healing, transformative and resiliency practices in our regions and movements. Click the photo to read.

"Healing justice...identifies how we can holistically respond to and intervene on generational trauma and violence, and to bring collective practices that can impact and transform the consequences of oppression on our bodies, hearts and minds.” -Cara Page and the Kindred Healing Justice Collective

Length: 6 pages

Healing Justice Module COVER.jpg
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