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About Dancing Hearts Consulting: Dancing Hearts Consulting (DHC) is a progressive consulting firm that curates innovative ideas, programs, and campaigns to test emerging strategies that change the game to win long-term change for the people most impacted by systemic oppression. DHC crafts values-driven campaigns that build power for those most impacted by systemic oppression: Black people, women of color, indigenous people, immigrants, formerly incarcerated people, and LGBTQIA folks. We partner with social justice and philanthropic leaders to create a more reflective, responsive, and accountable American democracy.


DHC was launched in June of 2017 by Esperanza Tervalon-Garrett who has earned a solid reputation as a savvy electoral strategist, a seasoned political organizer, and a power-building innovator among social justice activists and philanthropic leaders.

DHC works with people who are committed to racial and gender equity, and have a successful track record of working with communities of color, women, low-income people, LGBTQIA individuals, and other historically marginalized communities.

Dancing Hearts Consulting is not hiring at this time. 

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